Cafe Luce and Scented Leaf

Cafe Luce and Scented Leaf are two establishments located on University Ave. and Park Ave. Both have opened a second location downtown on Congress St. just across the street from each other.

Cafe Luce on Park Ave. is a small intimate location perfect for studying in between classes. The cafe features coffee, tea, and baked goods made in house.

The new location on Congress St. has expanded their size and their menu to include entré dishes as well as alcohol. The downtown cafe is perfect for studying or a night out.

The establishment is perfect for an on the go student with bike racks inside the store. Making it easier than ever to have a safe form of transportation.

The new Scented Leaf has been open for three weeks now and is a perfect place to study off campus. The new space is about the same size as the location on University Ave. but is less crowded due to the extra seating outside.

Cafe Luce and the Scented Leaf are bigger and better than ever!

Visit Cafe Luce on Facebook and check out the Scented Leaf’s website.


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