Tucson Life and the Music it Creates

By: Octavio Lopez

The Tucson music scene can be found in the downtown area of the city, where the locals do their bar-hopping and escape the heat. When the sun sets and the heat drops, going to downtown Tucson is the best way to find the great local bands playing. With stages like the Rialto Theatre and Club Congress right across from each other its easy for bands to get an audience. A hop, skip, and a jump away is Wavelab Recording Studio, which can help the bands create their own album just like Calexico and several other bands.IMG_1013

Roger Clyne from “Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers” believes that Tucson is the heart of the Sonoran Desert and that the city is a tight knit community.

“It always felt live here, there was a sense of cooperation more than competition,” Clyne said “its fun, funky and its inclusive, there’s no other place like it.”IMG_1021IMG_1023


For more Info on Wavelab Studios go to wavelabstudio.com

For info on music events in Tucson you can head to chicagomusicstore.com/live-music-calendar/


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