The Arizona State Museum with Gaby Marte

The Arizona State Museum with Gaby Marte

By: Xiara Rodriguez

May 3, 2017


Native life and Mexican tradition have been infused in Tucson. Gaby Marte, 19, visited the Arizona State Museum on May 2, where she explored the merged cultures.


Marte is a frequent museum-goer. Marte had previously visited the Arizona State Museum with family and friends. Her travels on May 2 included an exhibit which spoke on native life and how native tribes and mexican people have intertwined. There were interactive pieces such as videos/movies to watch, artifacts to touch, etc.

Previous encounters for Marte weren’t so hands on. The less formal style this exhibit shared, made the experience more personal for guests like Marte. “That tactile nature is important for kids who visit,” Marte said. “I thought the interactive parts were really cool but some of it could have been modernized.”

A lot of the findings were from the 90s. It was about archaeological findings that many people wouldn’t know about. There was also a large focus on art and jewellery of the south west. “For families to be able to lounge and sit and look at this beautiful artwork, it was really transformative,” Marte said.

She feels the Arizona State Museum is truly family friendly. “I learned a lot from reading things and it wasn’t in difficult language for people and I think that’s important as well, for it to be accessible,” Marte said. “I saw a lot of younger people running through and the workers there were explaining all the pieces to them.”


The Arizona State Museum is a learning environment for all. “I hope people go,” Marte said. “You can just meander through as fast or as slow as you want.”

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